Fluor Sr Rel/Planning Tech - Conroe Planner in Conroe, Texas

Job Description:

The maintenance planner is responsible for planning all work performed by the maintenance department. The maintenance planner coordinates those activities with the appropriate individuals who have been assigned the responsibility of executing and scheduling work throughout the organization.

Duties include development of preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and project work packages. These activities are coordinated with all area maintenance departments.

• Develop and monitor scheduling activities by implementing and planning preventative, corrective, scheduled outage maintenance work orders and plans and schedules small capital work

• Perform work by selecting and operating equipment for required testing, measuring or maintenance activities and determining appropriate calibration equipment, methods, and procedures

• Maintain workflow by requisitioning and expediting materials, equipment and services at optimum levels

• Maintain equipment history record by developing/maintaining filing system

• Maintain safe and healthy work environment by following established project procedures relating to safety, work permitting and work order systems; adhering to legal requirements

The maintenance planner is charged with supporting maintenance and project work by planning, estimating, and coordinating approved work orders.

The primary role of the maintenance planner is to optimize productivity and work quality by assigning or developing a systematic job plan for work execution. Preplanned work activities and tasks relieve supervisors and staff of these activities.

The maintenance planner identifies:

The correct facility or equipment needing work.

Safety and environmental concerns and issues.

Step-by-step details of work tasks.

Parts, materials, special tools, and equipment.

Estimated labor-hours.

Special skills, in-house or contracted.

Required drawings, manuals, and vendor documentation.

Additionally, the maintenance planner:

Ensures the work performed is in accord with approved standards and practices.

Evaluates the performance and compliance of contractors.

Evaluates completed work.

Provides close liaison with production managers and supervisors, other maintenance clients, maintenance supervisors, maintenance engineers, other planners, and schedulers.

Evaluates the work process for input to continuous process improvement.

Ensures proper closeout of the work order package.


The maintenance planner has numerous responsibilities. The maintenance planner:

Provides point of contact between the maintenance function (i.e. production services, maintenance, engineering, and operations) and the unit area/department that requires maintenance services.

Receives work requests from the originator’s area/department.

Screens each work request to verify it has been filled out properly and completely.

Discusses details with the originating department to ensure that the work scope is clearly described and understood.

Forwards work requests needing approval to the appropriate level of authority.

Discusses nonroutine work orders with the appropriate authority prior to planning to ensure approval, budget provision, priority level, and realistic completion date.

Plans work orders by organizing and identifying:

Basic job tasks

Proper sequence for each task

Detailed safety and environmental requirements

Special permits for the task being performed. (i.e. welding, confined entry, lockout/blockout, and hazmat)

Reservation of parts, materials, special tools, and special skill requirements.

Estimated labor-hours for each task.

Arrangement of blueprints, drawings, and manuals.

Special or preplanned job plans as needed.

Note: Emergency work may be assigned directly to the appropriate supervisor/foreman for immediate attention.

Estimates the total cost of each work order in terms of direct labor and material required.

Verifies the availability of the following once a job is planned and estimated and prior to status of ready to work for scheduling:

Spare parts


Special craft skills

Special tools, including rental equipment

Outside contract support

Note: When parts and materials are not available, the maintenance planner submits a purchase request.

Prepares standard job plans for regularly recurring corrective maintenance jobs, based on historical experience, to optimize the planning process.

Develops master job plans for identified preventive maintenance tasks and issues them for execution in accordance with their established frequency from a master schedule or reliability centered maintenance evaluation.

Maintains and manages the backlog of work orders waiting to be scheduled in accordance with their priorities and criticality.

Prepares weekly backlog reports.

Assembles from the backlog for each department/work group the planned work orders with labor-hour requirements which match, on a skill basis, the labor-hour capability of the department/work group, taking into account any work carryover from jobs previously scheduled.

Note: When work forces require adjustment or assignments of specific personnel are required, the maintenance planner makes such arrangements with the other maintenance planners and/or management.

Identifies the work orders selected as ready for execution.

Reviews the work package for comments, completeness, and applicability of assigned (failure history) codes following work completion.

Evaluates deviations from work order task labor-hour estimates.

Reviews materials and spares used for updates to existing job plans.

Provides all documents required for work order closeout and compliance monitoring.

Forwards current failure data and applicable historical failure data to the appropriate authority/department for analysis when the criteria for performing root cause failure analysis is met.

Closes the work order following review.

Assists maintenance and production management in analyzing costs periodically and recommends corrective action needed to reduce maintenance costs as necessary.

Keeps the maintenance director/manager properly informed about all abnormal or critical situations and seeks advice on matters outside of the maintenance planner’s knowledge or authority.

Under Working Supervision this position reports to a senior level specialist, maintenance manager, or operations management position. This position assists on project or contract as a maintenance reliability technician, planner, or scheduler. This role may act as a project team leader when assigned.

• Provide technical supervision and monitor the maintenance operation by planning and implementing specialized maintenance procedures and methods

Other duties as assigned

Job ID: 110082BR

City: Conroe

State: Texas

Country: United States

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