Construction Program Manager

Lima, OH

At Fluor, we are proud to design and build projects and careers. This requires teams that are as unique as the projects we execute. We are committed to fostering a work environment that embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) for all so our employees and stakeholders benefit from the creative solutions derived as a result of embracing differences.

Job Description:

• The program manager is responsible for the overall direction and performance of construction planning operations in their assigned department to ensure work is performed in conformity with specific project requirements, site standards and goals.

• Principal areas of responsibility include planning staff management, and involvement in workload forecasting, schedule management, cost management, quality assurance, safety, security, and labor relations.

• Manage, monitor, and control the construction planning organization and its functions.

• Maintain communication with client personnel involved in project management to ensure organizational as well as personnel project involvement needs are being met.

• Responsible for the overall organization of the site construction areas and fabrication shops to assure they are organized and maintained in a satisfactory manner.

• The Program Manager is responsible for but not limited to all activities from Project Initiation to the start of construction. The Fluor Program Manager supports through construction and is again responsible at project closeout.

• During project initiation meet with Client & Fluor management to establish Core Team and Evaluate Project Opportunities & Complexities.

• Identify overall project staffing needs:

i. The Program Manager and Lead Area Planner will identify the construction staffing needs and gain alignment with the Site Manager. The Program Manager will then assign the proper Planners to support the project.

• Develop overall project sourcing and execution strategy with the core team and document these decisions in the project execution plan. Gain final alignment of execution strategy with both the project team and Site Leadership.

• Develop and execute sourcing plan & BVOA’s for project.

• With the Lead Area Planner, organize and participate in all Partner Selection Activities

• Set-up and organize Project Kick-Offs & CDS Sessions. Work with Project Core Team to establish the agenda, goals and timing of sessions.

• Establish how the project will maintain its scheduling plan. Digital planning is preferred. If the project is manually managed on “The Wall”, quote and procure all required supplies (Sticky Notes, Sharpies, Tape, Etc.)

i. Maintain project schedule updates as required for the project with support from the project team.

• Facilitate the development of the Last Planner Structure and sessions required to establish.

i. Mile-stone Pull

ii. Phase Plan Pull

iii. 6-12 week look ahead

iv. Weekly Work Plan

• Work with the core team to evaluate and select the 9-stage project delivery process tools to be used.

• Establish an understanding with the core team how metrics will be reported to project leadership & on what time cycle. This information will be formatted differently depending on whether the projects scheduling plan is on the wall or in Digital.

• Organize and lead IC&M on-boarding session if it is required.

• Organize and lead 9 Stage Project Delivery Process on-boarding session if it is required.

• Organize and lead Digital on-boarding session if it is required.

• Organize and lead a TVE learning session if needed.

• Organize and lead change management session if it is required.

• Establish and coordinate construction deliverables for projects.

i. All projects require a Project Execution Plan.

ii. Sourcing Plan.

iii. Local permitting requirements.

iv. Project cost tracking.

v. QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) plan and on-going monitoring

vi. Construction turn over (CTO) packages.

vii. Bi-weekly project reports.

• Ensure that the development of the conceptual scope of work during the FEE (Front End Engineering) stage is fully supported.

i. Work with Fluor Planners and construction vendors to document all base scope blocks during FEE that will be used as a basis for each vendors Target Value Estimate.

• Verify that all vendors are familiar with the current TVE (Target Value Estimate) form.

i. Supply the current form to the vendors and communicate when TVE’s will need to be completed.

ii. If specific cost breakdowns will be required within the TVE, work with each vendor to establish the required structure.

• Once vendor TVE’s have been submitted, verify the validation with the Fluor planners is complete and execute sample tests for further validation of process completion.

• If this is a structured Fee at Risk project the final incentive-based contract will need to be negotiated & written into each vendor’s contract who will participate.

i. The FLUOR Program Manager along with other Core members of the team will organize / facilitate this negotiation.

• Organize & maintain the projects Win/Loss Metrics & insure they are documented in Fluor’s O.C.S. (Operations Control System) with support from the assigned Project Lead Planner

• Facilitate teams in setting up design review and release structures. On larger teams, work cluster groups may need to be developed to ensure information is received by all customers.

• Stay informed of engineering documents, vendor information and final design deliverables as needed from the client, design engineers and construction during all phases of the project.

• Work with the project execution team to develop and maintain accurate schedules using the Last Planner System.

• During construction, the Lead Planner is accountable to lead weekly execution meeting activities but may require support from the Program Manager.

i. The Program Manager is accountable but supported by the Lead Planner to facilitate any sessions where variances have caused extreme schedule complexities that require complete modification of the base execution plan.

• Identify the need and gain alignment with Project Teams to initiate Daily Huddles.

i. Once initiated the accountability to execute the Daily Huddles becomes the construction planner’s responsibility.

ii. Periodically perform check-ins on Daily Huddles to ensure that they are maintained in an efficient manner and stay to task to produce the desired outcome of fully integrated project communication.

• At the end of each project organize and lead a “Learn from Experience” to capture learnings and additional wins and losses from the team to be used for continuous improvement.

• Coordinate release of Project Assessments and collection of data to be entered into Fluor’s O.C.S.

• Prepare Final Project Reports

• Hold Project Closing Debriefs with Client & Trade Partners if requested/required.

• The Program Manager additionally holds duties in respect to the overall site:

i. They may include, but not limited to:

  1. Monitoring compliance with project sourcing strategies, QA/QC implementation, Execution Plan development, Project Close-out requirements.

  2. Monitor Site Benchmarking

a. Cost Benchmarking

b. Innovation & Learnings Benchmarking

c. Lean Implementation Benchmarking

ii. Bi-weekly Project Reports – Supports development, monthly review, analysis, action items required.

iii. Site Partner Selection activities

  1. Lead Site Partner Selection Activities in Phase 1 & 2

  2. Lead Close-out of Site Partner Selection Terms

a. Reporting / Distribution

b. Debrief meetings if applicable.

iv. Support maintaining applicable site procedures / training aids associated to the Integrated Construction & Maintenance program.

v. Support Development of Monthly Craft Loading distribution

Job ID: 144447BR

City: Lima

State: Ohio

Country: United States

We are an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other criteria protected by governing law.