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Job Information

Fluor General Mills Murfreesboro - Support - Security (NIGHT SHIFT) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Job Description:

Role and Responsibilities

This position is responsible for providing protection of employees and visitors to the General Mills/Murfreesboro facility, control traffic and personnel flow for plant business purposes and serve as a recognized authority force for the prevention of theft, product tampering, fires and unsafe conditions. This position requires a high level of judgment and initiative. The Fluor Security Officer must maintain a professional appearance and satisfactory attendance and adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) policies. Officers are responsible for errors or mistakes which could impact company revenues. Standard practice enables the employee to perform regular duties with minimal supervision. Job assignments and performance review provided by the Fluor Security Manager. This position has access to personnel information deemed to be confidential. Safeguarding this information is critical to the maintaining the company’s integrity and limiting liability.

Qualifications and Education

All applicants must have …..experience with…... All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicant must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. EOE, Pay dependent on skill level and performance.

Basic Requirements

All employees will conduct themselves in a safe, professional manner. Communications through email and mobile devices, as well as written and verbal communications are required. All employees are expected to read, write, and speak English. Performance standards include but are not limited to good housekeeping, record keeping, PPE, dependability, GMP & OSHA compliance, positive attitude, self-discipline, flexibility, and willingness to learn.

Principal Areas of Responsibility

I. Truck Entry/Exit Processing

Accurately read Bill of Laden (B.O.L.) to insure trucks are at the correct location and are on Receiving Schedule; enter truck information into computer and check truck seals prior to allowing vehicle to access the staging area entry; perform random checks of trucks; provide clear directions to help drivers find destination points; read and process outbound paperwork; visually check outbound trucks for trailer number, seal number and trailer temperature

II. Visitor Check In

Greet visitors with a professional appearance and manner; request that visitor(s) provide Government-issued

identification; request driver license information for all visitors and enter driver’s license information into site database; create badges and visitor passes using computer software program; contact host/escort when a visitor arrives onsite; review escorting and visitor responsibilities with escort/host and visitor prior to issuing visitor badge; collect visitor badges at end of visit; provide clear directions to campus destinations, as needed.

III. Constant Motion Patrol (Exterior vehicle/walking)

Drive company vehicle in one (1) hour increments to make rounds of the facility perimeter; document observations of unusual activities or perimeter fence damage; clean and fuel company vehicle; operate portable air tank for vehicle tires; use battery cables to jump start disabled vehicles, as needed. Perform facility walk downs in one hour increments; check/record computer room temperature and humidity and report alarms or out of tolerance conditions; check/record CO2 tank levels; check/record Nitrogen tank levels; use Proxy Guard System to scan doors; open doors, as needed; and check unusual activities or conditions.

IV. Employee and Contractor Check In

Monitor the station for FOB use on “Inbound” and “Outbound” lanes; insure that all employees and contractors entering or leaving the campus use a FOB or sign in and out as a visitor.

V. Operate campus surveillance camera equipment

Operate surveillance camera system and respond accordingly to suspicious activities.

VI. Monitor Alarm Panels and Warnings for Critical Plant Systems

Monitor Simplex Fire Alarms, Boiler Alarms for PBUS and Yoplait, Ammonia “Detected” Alarms, Engine Room Alarms and Wastewater Alarms (remote viewing using surveillance camera system) for required safety checks and in the event of emergencies, notify designated plant personnel for proper response.

VII. Office Duties

Answer incoming calls; complete a detailed Daily Activity Report (DAR) for each shift, including color code; complete Safety Task Assignment (STA) sheet for each shift; re-start computer system and critical software programs; complete incident reports for security breaches, power failures, fires, evacuations and property damage; monitor severe weather using Weather Defender and contact appropriate plant personnel in the event of severe weather emergencies; monitor Stones River water level with remote camera view; conduct random ID and vehicle checks.

VIII. Other Duties

Perform food defense responsibilities assigned to security personnel; adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); respond to potential conflicts requiring de-escalation of violent situations; perform CPR, including use of AED; administer Basic First Aid; maintain confidentiality of company proprietary property and personal information of employees and visitors; conduct fire watch in hot work areas; read rain gauges and log rainfall amounts; collect and record information about storm water samples.


State of Tennessee Unarmed Security License, De-escalation training for escorting agitated/violent employees or visitors, First Aid, CPR, AED, Food Defense Certification (Refrigerated Storage), Valid Driver’s License

Computer Skills

Possess basic computer skills to generate internal communication using email and perform basic clerical activities related to security officer responsibilities; understand and use computer software programs for security camera viewing (GE Navigator), weather monitoring (Weather Defender), scanning drivers licenses (Scanshell 800), badge preparation for truck drivers and visitors (Access Sentry) and tracking FOBS (Symmetry).

Equipment Knowledge

Use battery charging cables, Air Tank, Proxy Guard Reader (RFID), fire extinguishers, AED, two-way radio, cell phone, telephone switchboard, alarm panels, rain gauge and rainwater sampling containers and company vehicles.

Job ID: 124444BR

City: Murfreesboro

State: Tennessee


We reserve the right to modify or revise the job descriptions in part or in its entirety. Reasonable accommodations will be made in accordance with governing law.

We are an equal opportunity employer that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other criteria protected by federal, state or local law.