Fluor Design Engineering Specialist III - GIS Analyst in Phoenix, Arizona

Job Description:

GIS/CADD support for Connect 202 Partners:

o ROW Group

 ROW Status Update Map

• KMZ creation, maintenance and updates

 Web Map/App creation, maintenance and updates

 Parcels Certified For Construction Web Map/App creation, maintenance and updates

 Create, maintain and update TCE’s in GIS and CADD based off of legal description and line work documents

 Create, maintain and update ROW lines in GIS/CADD to be used for KMZ’s, Maps, Apps

 Parcel Certification PDF map creation, maintenance and updates

 Map and verify legal descriptions of Land and calculate acreage and square footage

 Create a Land Status Update for board meetings

• Acreage by parcel status

 Other ROW exhibits, maps and data visualizations as needed

• Examples:

o Resolution KMZ’s and Maps

o Plot Maps/Design files

o Created and maintain Pecos drainage crossing analysis and map


 Created FMS-ITS status web map/app that will be updated as needed

Public Involvement & Safety Group

 Blast survey analysis and PDF map and KMZ creation, maintenance, and updates

 Create, edit, maintain and update maps and apps:

• Elected Officials Map

• Emergency Access Locations Map

 Other tasks as needed:

• Analysis of county assessor data to determine Residential and commercial counts along the corridor and create maps displaying this information as needed

• Plot maps

• Created Aerial map for Drone Pilot’s use to help them get familiar with corridor

Utilities Group

 Map and verify Easements, deeds, Right-of-Way, Fees, etc.

• Create, edit maintain, update GIS data, CADD files, PDF Maps, KMZ’s, and verify proposed and existing easements for: City of Phoenix, CenturyLink, SRP, RID, BOR, UPRR, Southwest Gas, APS, WAPA, Kinder Morgan, ADOT

• Once mapped, move files to Microstation CADD files for use by designers, coordinators, management, etc. for legal determination

 Update New Utility reference files in Microstation as design gets solidified

• For use on plan sheets and reference for designers

• This includes updating all utility Microstation files individually and create design containers to help with updating reference files

 Create data points in Microstation and KMZs for Clash Analysis points to help determine where clashes are located so they can be resolved.

 Take notes on clash analysis to distribute to all involved parties

 Maintain clash analysis points and eliminate them as clashes are taken care of

 Update and maintain SUE potholes spreadsheet and publish new KMZ’s and web maps as needed with new data updates

 Maintain GIS/CADD information and folders to ensure data is current

 As-Built Data map creation and maintenance:

• Convert CSV files to point files to be displayed in GIS and KMZ format

o Add associated images to point files

• Use As-Built data to update utility files

 Update and maintain Utility Matrix KMZ

 Help coordinators and management on various tasks as needed

AZTEC environmental web map assistance

 Convert Roadway KMZ’s to GIS files

 Add attribute data to updated GIS Files

 Publish GIS files to ArcGIS online for AZTEC to use the information on their web maps and apps

o Update local project folders, Projectwise folders, and FTP site with current data

o Other tasks as needed

Job ID: 107714BR

City: Phoenix

State: Arizona

Country: United States

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