Lead Fuels Specialist

Tbd, USA

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Job Description:

• Advise, plan, and support ASCC Fuels Program requirements to include receiving, storage, handling, usage, quality surveillance, supply, distribution of petroleum products, fuel accountability, and equipment.

• Provide fuels planning support to OPLANS, CONPLANS, and theater fuels planning requirements.

• Conduct holistic fuels planning for sustainment of Army operations ranging competition phase to conflict operations, including Army Support to Other Services (ASOS).

• Determine requirements for bulk fuel and packaged petroleum products, storage space, and fuel systems in support of JCS/USINDOPACOM/DA/USARPAC planning guidance, OPLANs/CONPLANs from unified/sub-unified commands, Theater Army, and other commands as directed.

• Analyze fuel supply, storage, and distribution in support of Army and ASOS requirements to identify capability gaps and/or shortfalls and make mitigation recommendations.

• Track and report fuels distribution accounting.

• Execute Staff Assistance Visits and Organizational Inspection Programs.

• Provide support to any fuels management issue to the point of completions. Generate a report outlining all current problems, what is being done to resolve it, and all issues resolved each week.

• Review all orders, policies, etc., for Fuels management, operations, and facilities interests and disseminate, as appropriate.

• Assist with maintaining ASCC petroleum policy, operational guidance, SOPs, documents, and higher command petroleum policies.

• Assist requiring activity with the development, review, and revision of the fuels-related contract performance work statements (PWS) and advise military superiors in analysis of theater requirements.

• Assist in establishing and maintaining USARPAC Area of Responsibility (AOR) Petroleum Common Operating Picture which provides the USARPAC Commander and subordinate commanders a picture of fuels capacity, shortfalls, and infrastructure status, by location and country.

• Liaise with USINDOPACOM, subordinate units and government agencies to integrate petroleum requirements into an overall petroleum concept of support for the USINDOPACOM/operational AOR. Participate in workgroups, boards, and committees to recommend petroleum efficiencies as it pertains to use in future operations.

• Participate in USARPAC and USINDOPACOM Integration cells to align petroleum capabilities into a seamless support plan for current operations at operational locations to include remote operational locations.

• Travel to emerging locations as needed to determine the scope of work required and shall assist requiring activity with developing performance work statements for petroleum storage, distribution, and infrastructure as required.

• Review contractor personnel management policies and procedures to ensure 100% compliance with U.S. Statutes and DOD policy and directives.

• Assist with contract management of contracts awarded within USARPAC/operational AOR required in all operational phases - Shape, Deter, Seize the Initiative, Dominate, Stabilize and Enable Civil Authority as well as other USG departments and agencies and multinational partners.

• Provide recommendations to leadership in alternative acquisition strategies when contracted support shall be required to ensure that adequate resources are available to achieve operations goals.

• Ensure relevant and current Petroleum events are included in Title 10 exercises and participate in exercise planning conferences, develop Petroleum Master Sequence Event Lists (MSELs), and maintain AOR specific Petroleum lessons learned.

• Advise and brief senior leaders on Petroleum Management equities in support of OPLANs and CONPLANs.

• Supervise the acquisition, storage, inspection, testing, issue and distribution of petroleum products and water and petroleum and water storage and distribution equipment.

• Determine requirements for bulk fuel and packaged petroleum products requirements, storage space, distribution system, water products.

• Monitor quality surveillance procedures for petroleum or water.

• Develop, supervise, and coordinate unit procedures and programs on environmentally sound handling of petroleum products and water CMs.

• Direct the preparation of accounting reports and maintenance records for petroleum distribution operations.

• Monitor and advise the following operations: units engaged in petroleum operations; the acquisition, storage, inspection, testing, issue, and distribution of petroleum products and/or water; unit spill containment and clean-up operations; and disposal procedures for waste produced by unit petroleum and water operations, petroleum operations and user maintenance of pipelines, hose lines, terminals, dispensing systems, petroleum laboratory testing procedures, loading and discharge of oceangoing tankers and other petroleum vessels, water production, storage and distribution equipment, the operation and maintenance of water production, storage and distribution equipment, performance of standard physical and CM tests.

• Recommends disposition of off-specification or captured petroleum products; determines water requirements; establishes and directs operation of water purification, storage, distribution and issue systems in support of field operations; develops, directs and coordinates water conservation programs when appropriate; develops, directs, and coordinates unit procedures and programs on the environmentally sound handling of petroleum, wastewater, and water treatment chemicals; monitors waste disposal procedures for waste produced by unit petroleum and water operations; report unit petroleum, wastewater, and water treatment chemical spills per applicable laws, regulations, and policies; monitor unit spill containment a clean up operations.

• Evaluate test results and recommend disposition of off-specification or captured petroleum products.

• Review and monitor quality surveillance throughout the petroleum distribution system.

• Recommend location of petroleum pipeline routes, terminals, supply points, and depots; advises on bulk petroleum distribution system design.

• Report unit petroleum spills per applicable laws, regulations, and policies.


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City: TBD

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Country: United States

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