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Fluor Electrician Helper II in Afghanistan

Job Description:

Helps with the installation, testing and repairing grounding systems in accordance with accepted codes, standards and manufacturer’s recommendations. Helps provide access for future maintenance, and avoid unsightly, hazardous and unreliable wiring, consistent with specifications and local electrical codes. Helps in the preparation of sketches showing location of wiring and equipment, or following diagrams or blueprints, ensuring that concealed wiring is installed before completion of future walls, ceiling and flooring. Measures, cuts, bends, threads, assembles and installs electrical conduit using tools such as hacksaw, pipe threader, and conduit bender. Helps in pulling wiring through conduit. Helps splicing wires by stripping insulation from terminal leads, using knife or pliers, twisting or soldering wires together, and applying tape or terminal caps per accepted codes and standards. Helps in the installation of control and distribution apparatus, such as switches, relays, and circuit-breaker panels, fastening in place with screws or bolts, using hand tools and power tools. Assists in connecting power cables and ground leads to equipment and other electrical utilization equipment such as motors, HVAC units etc. Helper – A non-journey level craft worker, aspiring to gain knowledge and skills in a specific craft at the beginner level. Works directly with either journey or foreman level craft worker. Requires constant supervision. May be referred to as an Apprentice.

Job ID: 118109BR



Country: Afghanistan

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