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Fluor Firefighter in Afghanistan

Job Description:

Supports Fire Fighting Services operations within assigned area of responsibility (AOR). Operates, performs, and maintains firefighting services in accordance with AFI’s, AR’s, AFMAN, DoD requirements and NFPA Standards. Responsible for responding to emergency calls, be able to quickly evaluate emergency situations, and be able to make appropriate decisions to deal with each emergency situation. Serves as a fully trained member of a firefighting crew and serves as a team member of a rescue unit, engine company, water tender or airport crash apparatus. May be assigned to lead the work of others, direct persons during evacuations of facilities or emergency situations, and provide guidance and assistance to victims of emergencies. Maintains and utilizes special firefighting equipment, tools, and gear including but not limited to PPE, hoses, ladders, extinguishers, and other firefighting apparatus. Operates emergency response apparatus as directed. May perform administrative functions, alarm room operations or other duties as required.

*Basic Job Requirements

Provides firefighting services to minimize loss of life and property in the event of fire. Controls and extinguishes fires. May drive vehicle to scene of fire following predetermined route, or selecting alternate route when necessary. Operates pumps, foam generators, boom and ground sweeps nozzles, and other similar equipment. Uses a variety of special protective gear in situations where poisonous gases, radioactive materials, and hazardous biological products are involved. Performs daily preventive maintenance such as oil changes, replacing packing in pumps, and draining and flushing tanks, and

otherwise ensuring that all equipment is maintained in good working condition and ready for use. Ensure the safety of all firefighters by following proper procedures.

Job ID: 119356BR



Country: Afghanistan

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